New Marinsa Controllers


In Marinsa we have a high level of commitment to serve our customers and offer them the best alternatives in services and products available in the market. That is why our Engineering Department, made up of highly dedicated and experienced technicians, has developed two new controllers that will take the way we monitor ships to the next level.

 The MS-1 and MS-2, as we have named our controllers, will be a technologically superior alternative to the controllers installed on ships with Power Star controllers and ships with EMD engines, respectively. 

We are proud to be able to offer unique features that will undoubtedly become strategic allies of our customers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Reading of engine and gearbox pressures and temperatures

  • Possibility to include fuel consumption and diesel tanks

  • Management of alarms and automatic stops

  • Download history of alarms and events with a USB memory stick

  • Trend monitoring

  • Ability to read Woodward 723 and EGU signals

  • Real-time graphing through the main control screen

  • Pump management: prelube, diesel, and water

All controllers offer remote access to engine data via the WebSupervisor platform, which is a system designed for monitoring and managing Marinsa-ComAp devices over the Internet. This allows receiving notifications to a specific email, sms messages or monitoring through the APP on the cell phone. By using these tools our customers would reduce their maintenance costs and increase uptime.

 We are confident that our controllers will bring great value and we reiterate our willingness to serve our customers 24/7/365 to the best of our ability. 

For more information about our products please contact us via our website or email, contact us today!