Marinsa International Inc.

Established in 1981, Marinsa International Inc. has become a leading supplier of medium-speed diesel propulsion engines for tug boats, supply vessels, tuna, sardine purse seiners, and other vessels. 

As the oldest International GE Marine and now Wabtec Marine Distributor, Marinsa International Inc. has sold, supervised installations, commissioned, and serviced more Wabtec (previously GE) engines than any other distributor.

Marinsa International Inc. also offers parts and services for EMD engines worldwide and a full selection of marine supplies and parts.


We sell engines, parts and components for marine applications and provide maintenance and repair services for marine engines and reconditioning of turbochargers. Over time, we’ve generated trust and a lasting relationship with our clients for the mutual benefits between companies, especially in safeguarding their assets, interests, and operational continuity. We’ve done so under an effective and efficient quality management system with continuous service innovation.


We aim to be recognized in the maritime market, both nationally and internationally, as a reliable, trustworthy Watec distributor with excellent customer service. We aim to be considered a vendor that distributes components and parts from the highest quality brands as well as the best provider of maintenance and repair services for marine engines and reconditioning of turbochargers. We continue expanding our service areas thanks to the quality, innovation, high competence of our team, and reliability of our service. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

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In our company, our values are a strategic factor for achieving our business objectives and a guiding resource for our conduct in daily management. We strive to follow the following principles of professional behavior: Respect, Teamwork, Commitment, Proactivity, Trust, Dedication to Service, and Social Responsibility.


We respect the values and beliefs of our collaborators. We recognize our differences, so we listen to everyone carefully and we value their contributions.


We strive for unity and harmony. As such, we enhance the efforts of our colleagues, which allows us to reduce the time invested in tasks and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the results.


We meet the needs and expectations of the services we offer regarding coverage, continuity, and quality of service.


We seek and provide solutions before problems arise.


We believe in our colleagues and we enjoy working as a team. Moreover, we build transparent and open relationships with our clients.

Devotion to Service

When offering our service we do it with passion and dedication, this is demonstrated in each of our activities and tasks.

Social Responsibility

We actively and voluntarily contribute to the social, economic, environmental and safety, and health improvement of the company's collaborators.


We promote honesty as a guide for action based on professional ethics, loyalty, and confidentiality of all staff.

Customers First Always - Each Time, Every Time

Marinsa International Inc.'s worldwide service capacity is supported by several service facilities and liaison offices in the following countries.

United States

We support all our regional offices from our headquarters in Miami. We have a large Wabtec Marine inventory and can ship to almost all Latin American countries in 24 hours or less. This includes complete Wabtec Marine medium-speed diesel engines for emergencies and parts for EMD engines.


We commission and support 60 Wabtec Marine engines for the Panama Canal tug boats. We provide maintenance and 24-hour emergency service for the ACP, thanks to our three factory-trained technicians on staff and our local stock of spare parts.


We support the fishing fleet of approximately 16 vessels with Wabtec Marine engines. Our highly qualified and factory-trained technicians service these fleets, likewise we have an important stock of original Wabtec Marine spare parts.

Argentina and Paraguay

We support a fleet of three vessels equipped with Wabtec Marine engines. We also provide service and support for over 50 vessels with EMD engines operating on the Parana River with two factory-trained technicians on staff.


We have a sales office and local service technicians. We service commercial tuna fleets comprising 7 Wabtec Marine-powered vessels and approximately 30 EMD-powered vessels. 


As part of the company’s expansion strategy, part of our service team is located in Spain, from where we manage a fast and efficient service to any part of the world, as well as the commercial management for the European market. From our facilities in Vigo, we also supervise the remotely monitored equipment worldwide.

Having commissioned and supported many Wabtec Marine engines, our technicians are experienced in solving mechanical and electronic issues that might arise. We work closely with Wabtec Marine to provide worldwide service when needed.

Since 2005 We have been a distinguished distributor for Wabtec Marine:

Best overall sales


Most marine engines sold


Best overall distributor


Best installation and commissioning distributor


Best parts and service distributor


Overhaul Excellence


Service Excellence for Jesus Portas and Guillermo Balmaceda


Service Excellence


Commercial Intensity


Parts and Service Excellence


Commercial Excellence and Parts


Inventory Award