Marinsa Pacific

Headquartered out of Seattle, WA, Marinsa Pacific manages the ever-expanding fleet of Wabtec (formerly GE) marine engines along the West Coast of the US and the Pacific Rim, including Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California.  Our highly skilled service and sales team consists of longtime Marinsa and Wabtec marine service and sales professionals with an established record of servicing the entire line of Wabtec marine engines, including sales and service of Wabtec Tier IV engines.  As an authorized Wabtec distributor, Marinsa Pacific is ready to provide unparallel service and support, as well and engine and parts sales, to its US and Pacific Rim customers.

18255 Segale Park Drive B Office 18
Seattle, WA 98188


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We provide maintenance and repair services for marine engines and reconditioning of turbochargers. Over time, we’ve generated trust and a lasting relationship with our clients for the mutual benefits between companies, especially in safeguarding their assets, interests, and operational continuity. We’ve done so under an effective and efficient quality management system with continuous service innovation.


We aim to be recognized in the maritime market, both nationally and internationally, as the best provider of maintenance and repair services for marine engines and reconditioning of turbochargers. We continue expanding our service areas thanks to the quality, innovation, high competence of our team, and reliability of our service.


In our company, our values are a strategic factor for achieving our business objectives and a guiding resource for our conduct in daily management. We strive to follow the following principles of professional behavior: Respect, Teamwork, Commitment, Proactivity, Trust, Dedication to Service, and Social Responsibility.


We respect the values and beliefs of our collaborators. We recognize our differences, so we listen to everyone carefully and we value their contributions.


We strive for unity and harmony. As such, we enhance the efforts of our colleagues, which allows us to reduce the time invested in tasks and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the results.


We meet the needs and expectations of the services we offer regarding coverage, continuity, and quality of service.


We seek and provide solutions before problems arise.


We believe in our colleagues and we enjoy working as a team. Moreover, we build transparent and open relationships with our clients.

Devotion to Service

When offering our service we do it with passion and dedication, this is demonstrated in each of our activities and tasks.

Social Responsibility

We actively and voluntarily contribute to the social, economic, environmental and safety, and health improvement of the company's collaborators.


We promote honesty as a guide for action based on professional ethics, loyalty, and confidentiality of all staff.