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Marinsa International, Inc.

Established in 1981, Marinsa International Inc, has become a leading supplier of medium speed diesel propulsion for tug boats, supply vessels, tuna and sardine purse seiners as well as other vessels.

GE engines
GE L250 marine engine

L250 MDA

GE V250 diesel engine

V250 MDB

Specifically engineered for marine applications with its accessories mounted on the engine to ease maintenance and a narrow inline footprint for marine engine room constraints.

The result of more than 40 years of building high-performance diesel engines, Wabtec Marine (previously GE) has combined experience with innovation to deliver efficiency, reliability and performance.


L250/V250 MDC Tier 4

Engines that meet the EPA’s stringent Tier 4 and IMO’s Tier III emission standards without the use of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipment and urea-based aftertreatment.  

GE V228 diesel engine


Dependable and durable, these medium-speed engines are among the best in their class for fuel efficiency and low life-cycle costs.

EMD Parts & Services for Marine Engines Worldwide

EMD parts & services
Docked fishing boats

Marinsa is a EMD*-compatible engine components supplier. We and can ship to almost all Latin American countries in 24 hours or less. Through our worldwide service capacity our factory trained engineers provide onsite service and support.

Commercial Marine Engine Parts

Other brands
TDI Turbotwin Air Starter

TDI Air Starters

Commercial boat controls

Kobelt Electronic Control Systems

Marine engine accumulators

Kocsis Technologies, Inc.

Marinsa is an authorized TDI distributor of TDI Turbotwin air starters, start systems and auxiliarly equipment ensure critical engine availability making all aspects of engine starting operations even more reliable and efficient. 

Marinsa is a dealer of Kobelt's rugged, robust control, steering and braking systems manage and guide movement on vessels, rigs, equipment and other machinery. 

Marinsa also distributes KTI's Hydrotor, the hydraulic starter, piston and bladder accumulators as well as custom accumulators.


Customers First Always

Each Time, Every Time


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