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Exciting News: Wabtec and Marinsa Secure 20-Engine Deal for Panama Canal Tugboats! Wabtec Corporation, in collaboration with Latin American Channel Partner Marinsa International, has inked a significant contract to provide the primary power for 10 groundbreaking hybrid tractor tugboats commissioned by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP). The deal involves the delivery of two 8L250MDA marine engines per tugboat, showcasing Wabtec’s commitment to environmentally conscious maritime solutions. The 30-meter tugboats will feature hybrid-electric propulsion, reducing emissions during ship towage in Panamanian ports and the canal. Delighted about this partnership, Tammy Gromacki, Wabtec’s Vice President of Marine, Stationary, and Drill, expressed their honor in contributing to the vital role the ACP plays in facilitating global trade. For more details on this game-changing collaboration, continue reading on our website.

What a week it has been for Marinsa International Inc.! Our very own Oscar Vieitez took center stage at the Asime Galicia summit in Spain, addressing the challenges posed by new fuels and strategies for further reducing emissions in diesel engines.  Partnering with Wabtec Corporation, we are actively making a difference in the commercial marine industry, driving innovation in digitalization and emission reduction.  Join us on this journey towards sustainability by following Marinsa International Inc. and stay tuned for more updates on our commitment to shaping the future of maritime trends.

Marinsa International Inc., the leading provider in the maritime division of General Electric propulsion systems (now Wabtec Marine), made its debut with a dedicated booth at the VIII edition of Navalia. This milestone comes on the heels of Marinsa’s recent establishment of an office in Vigo, led by Jesús Portas, the group’s Global Services Manager. «We have received a very positive reception,» expressed the executive, highlighting the success of the company’s presence at the event.

Marinsa International Inc., a longstanding provider of General Electric’s propulsion systems, has strategically established itself in Vigo, Spain, following the transportation unit merger between General Electric and Wabtec Corporation. Valued at over 9.4 billion euros, Marinsa is now the official distributor of Wabtec engines, showcasing its commitment to the maritime industry. Specializing in providing advanced propulsion systems for tuna vessels and tugboats, tailored to meet the latest emission standards, Marinsa positions itself as a pivotal player in the evolving landscape of maritime solutions. Led by Jesús Portas, the Global Services Manager, Marinsa’s positive reception in the region and prominent presence at Navalia underscore its dedication to innovation and excellence.