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TDI Tech Development 

TDI has pioneered the use of turbine techonogy with its unique twin turbine powered air starter for use on industrial, diesel, natural gas reciprocating engines, as well as a vatiety of industrial gas turbine engines

T100-V (Pre-Engaged Starter) & T100-B (Inertial-Emgaged Starter):

The TURBOTWIN T100-V Turbine Air Starter: “V” is for Versatile.
The T100-V provides pre-engagement, a more flexible fit and legendary durability for engine applications of reciprocating diesel and gas engines up to 18,000 CID (300L) in displacement. 

Pre-Engagement, Offset Envelope and an Overhung Pinion Design Provide Even More Flexibility.
The T100-V fits more applications… allowing
you to choose the TDI TURBOTWIN for all of your
large engine starting requirements. Ask about the

The TURBOTWIN T100-V Turbine Air Starter: “V” is for Versatile.

  • TDI TURBOTWIN Motor Resists Damage by Air/Gas Contamination.

  • Up to 25% More Power than Other Turbine Starters.

  • Aerodynamic Speed Control… Prevents Starter Over-Speed or Gear Box Burn-Out, Even on Extended Crank Cycles.

  • No Plastic Parts... Robust Steel and Alloy Construction Throughout.

  • Grease-Packed Gears and Bearings Reduce Maintenance.

  • Eliminates Fugitive Starter Exhaust Emissions.

  • Standard or Low-Pressure Models Available.

  • Lightweight… Only 53 Lbs. for Ease of Handling and Installation.

  • Never Needs Lubrication of the Supply Air/Gas, Eliminating the Oily, Messy Exhaust from Vane-Type Starters

T50-I & T50-P Series Turbine Air Starters

T50 is Designed for 20-80 Liter Engines in the World’s Dirtiest, Most Challenging Environments. 

​The vaneless motor used in the T50 Series Turbine Air Starters resist contaminants, moisture, pipe scale and other environmental elements that cause other starters to fail. Contaminated air that clogs and shuts down lesser starters, has little effect on TDI’s “open-air path” turbine air motor, which allows contaminants to pass right through. For contaminated air applications, the T50-P and T50-I have no equal.

Lightweight Starters Simplify Installation
T50 is the lightest air starter in its class. In tight quarters or in overhead installations on mine haul trucks, the T50 is easily handled by one-man.Mechanics and lost maintenance personnel appreciate the T50’s ultra-light& compact envelope.

More Power from TurboTwins™

​Expect up to 25% more starting
power from TURBOTWIN™, even in subzero
weather or sweltering heat. From
50-70 hp and 260 ft./lbs. of starting
power is available at only 100 psig.
The T50 “best in class” hp/torque per
unit of air make the T50 a powerhouse.

Install It and Forget It

​The industry’s longest-lasting starter uses
better-quality parts and a superior motor
design which is tolerant of abuse or
poor maintenance, and still delivers
the reliability you need. It’s that simple.

TurboTwin Model T30

T30-I Inertia Engagement

The T30-I  is the inertia engaged version of the T30.It meets high torque, low air/gas consumption requirements and, like the whole line of T30s, is natural gas ready.

T30-Y Pre-Engaged
Overhung Pinion

​The versatile, pre-engaged overhung drive design was designed for European engines and features metric pinions and a wide variety of mounting options.

T30-P Pre-Engaged

​T30-P is the pre-engaged version of the T30. It features a posi-tork drive with over running clutch, and requires the pilotcontrolled TDI TurboValve relay valve.

T30-M Industrial Air/Gas Drive Motor

The T30-M is designed for pre-and-post-lube seal oil pump operation. It uses significantly less air and delivers the industry’s highest torque in its class.

The TDI TURBOTWIN™ is the World’s Most Versatile Small Engine Air Starter. 

Lots of Power in Lots of Industries The T30 generates up to 25% more stall torque than other starters in its class. Its highly efficient twin-turbine motor design gives you more cranking power with less air for faster starts. Unlike starters that require amechanical automatic trip valve (ATV), the T30 uses aerodynamics to control motor speed, giving you total control over the start cycle. 


Lightweight At 29 lbs. (13.2 kg) the T30 is lighter and more compact than other starters in its class.

The Longest Lasting, Most Reliable Engine Starter—Here’s Why:
The T30 Turbine Air Starter is designed to thrive in the world’s dirtiest, messiest environments. Wet or contaminated air have no effect on the T30. There are no rubbing vanes to stick, swell or wear out— which translates into longer lasting, more reliable starting, regardless of conditions.


No Mess, No Fugitive Emissions

The vaneless design of the T30 is grease-packed for life, thereby eliminating fugitive starter exhaust emissions caused by messy, oily exhaust residues. Less mess, less maintenance, and a clean environment for your engine makes sense, doesn’t it?

No Plastic Parts and Half the Moving Parts Yield Quality

Quality has been designed into the T30. We’ve minimized the moving parts (less than half the number on competitive models). We refused to compromise the design by cutting corners with “plastic parts.” The result is a rugged starter made of high-strength steel and aluminum alloys that lasts longer and delivers significantly more starting cranks than other similar-size systems.

T20 Replaces Both Air and Electric Starters At Sea, Underground, and in Low Pressure Gas Fields

Compact and Powerful in
the World’s Lowest Pressure
Field Gas Locations

Where field gas gathering pressures
are low or declining, nothing delivers
the starting power of a T20. Where
properly installed, the T20 produces
more HP than any other starter in its

Intrinsically Safe—Even in Your Lowest Pressure Field Gas Sites

Where greater safety and compliance
with regulations is a must, now there
is a cost effective alternative to
electric starters. For much less than
the cost of an air compressor, the
T20 works at sites where you
thought field gas pressures were too
low for gas starting.

12 hp at 20 psi and Able to Handle Contaminated Air Supply

Low pressure power is just part of
the T20 story. Contaminated, wet or,
unscrubbed field gas that destroys
other air starters simply passes
through T20’s open air path—
ensuring long-life regardless of

Superior Cold Weather Performance.

Where temperatures dip below
freezing, electric starters using
batteries lose almost 60% of their
cranking power. Not so with a
TurboTwin that delivers 98% of its
rated power at well below freezing.
The TurboTwin’s vane-less motor will
not freeze up or stick, even in cold

Recommended for Safety in
Underground Mines or Anywhere.

The T20 is ideal for starting
equipment in underground mines, or
wherever regulations demand air
starting. It’s also an ideal solution for
vehicle fuel gas compressors. T20 is
a safer alternative to electric starters.

TurboTwin Field-Proven Reliability

The TurboTwin Brand owns the
distinction of having the most air/gas
turbine starters in the field, and the
most turbine air starters operating in
the world’s harshest and most
demanding environments.


A Compact, Robust Air Starter for Engines from 6-16 Liters

Lots of Power in a Small Footprint

At just 121mm (4.75") diameter and less than 275mm (11") long, T25 delivers 18.6kW, (25hp) @ 6.2 BAR (90psig) on a 12 nozzle package. T25 redefines robust starting and reliability for small space applications.

1 Hose, 2 Wires, 3 Bolts and T25 is Installed!

Users have been amazed at how easy it is to upgrade to TurboTwin. Installation is literally, attaching one hose, connecting two wires, and screwing in three bolts.

No More Vane Motor Problems

The superior reliability of turbine technology over vane motors has been proven over the last 30 years. T25 eliminates the sticking, swelling, rubbing, and clogged motor problems inherent to vane-type starters. Its rugged steel construction and no plastic parts make it the most reliable small starter on the water.

Ideal for Small Marine Engine Applications.

T25 has already made a name for itself as an excellent fit for marine applications on a variety of engines around the world. T25 enables vessels with 6-16 Liter engines to take advantage of TDI’s TurboTwin technology.

TurboTwin Field-Proven Reliability

The TurboTwin brand has the distinction of having the most turbine air starters in the field, and the most turbine air starters operating in the world’s harshest and most demanding environments. There is a reason TurboTwin is the number one choice of system integrators, packagers, and aftermarket end users – “unparalleled starting reliability.”

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