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Products Ready to Ship

Marinsa keeps key products in stock ready for sell to keep your vessel running !

Two each new AVK 2 Bearing Alternator. Model DIG150M


  • 1.000RPM




  • 1.200 RPM 




New Wabtec Marine (previously GE) and stationary Turbos in Stock ready to ship

New from factory:





GE L250
Piston head Ge L250
GE Marine New L250
Piston Ge L250
Ge Marine L250

New Wabtec Marine (previously GE)  L250 Engine in stock. Ready to ship complete with accessories.

Pair of ge 6L250 marine engines matched pair 1 each right hand 1 each left hand.
Rated at 2009hp @ 900 rpm
Same footprint as emd engine.

See attached bill of materials

New Wabtec Marine (previously GE) Surplus 8V228 Marine Engine in Stock.

Emd rebuilt crankshafts (chrome crankshaft company). Boxed and ready to go:

  • 12-645

  • 16-645 abs also available

  • 20-645 

Remanufactured EMD engine blocks 1972 or later heavy blocks:

Available from stock:

  • 12-645

  • 20-645

GearBox Reintjes-WAV-3400
GearBox Reintjes-WAV-3400-marinsa
GearBox Reintjes-WAV-3400-Marinsa-International
GearBox Reintjes-Rated-3000hp

Available from stock: 4 each Gear Box Reintjes WAV-3400

  • 5.0:1 reduction vertical offset.

  • 3 each used running takeouts, 1 each completely overhauled (pictures)

  • Rated at 3000hp @ 900 rpm.

Lufkin -RHS2120-Marinsa

Gear Box Lufkin in stock:

  • Model RHS 2120

  • Horizontal Offset

  • Ratio: 2.973:1

  • ABS Stamp 1982

GearBox-Lufkin-RS 1818H_edited
GearBox-Lufkin-RS 1818H-marinsa
GearBox-Lufkin-RS 1818H-Marinsa-international

Gear Box Lufkin RS 1818H:

  • SN 72BT3473 583

  • Ratio: 4.4:1

  • Rated 1125 HP @ 1225 RPM (Engine Rating)

  • Built: 3.16.72

  • Class AB Maltese Cross JTG

Running takeout Detroit Diesel engines removed from inland river pushboats.

Dozens to choose from:

  • 4-71

  • L6-71

  • 8v-71

  • Some are gensets.

EMD Marinsa EP-17020
EMD 12-645f4b
EMD EP-12020 Marinsa International
EMD EP-17020 Marinsa
EMD Marinsa EP-17020

1 each EMD 12-645f4b genset 1600 hours since new.​

  • 1720kw 480 volt 900 rpm

  • Model EP-1720

  • Series ATX-4451

  • Motor EMD

  • Mod. Motor S12-645F4B

  • SN Motor 85G1-1016

  • SN generator I-220506561-I

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