Panama Canal, a partnership created for success

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The 100-year old Panama Canal is a very busy 48-mile-long global commercial waterway operating 24/7/365. To keep the traffic flowing smoothly from Atlantic to Pacific and back, the canal’s tug fleet is essential. This tug fleet is powered by GE Transportation’s marine engines reliably pushing and pulling huge seagoing ships into proper position as they travel through the locks.

A collaboration with GE Transportation to provide the best offer

The GE L250 marine engine

The first project with GE transportation started in 2008-2009 with a first order of 28 12-cylinder V228 marine engines GE marine engines to power 14 tugs.

The impressive performance record for these tugs led the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) to place another order of 8-cylinder L250 marine engines to power an additional 14 tugs.

Today, the Panama Canal tug boats powered by GE marine engines provided by Marinsa International account for 1.7 million operating hours without any internal component change!

Investing in customer satisfaction

Leveraging technical expertise and local presence, Marinsa International has presented ACP with a full partnership offer from pre-build stage all the way to operational stage.

Pre-build & build stages

In pre-build stage, Marinsa International partnered with the naval architects, shipyards and other suppliers to ensure a smooth building process by providing

  • A single point of contact for engines, parts & tools

  • Extensive life cycle cost modeling

  • GE engine education and training

  • Management of delivery schedule and payment coordination

  • Shipment handling

  • Onsite presence of bilingual Marinsa experts, shipyard support & work inspection

  • Local inventory of parts & tools

  • Programming & testing of GE engine controller software

  • Labor Warranty and Marine General Liability

Operational stage

Marinsa International has invested locally to ensure ACP equipment availability 365/24/7.

  • Recruitment and training of bilingual local experts

  • Extensive local inventory of engines, parts & tools in bonded warehouse

  • Maintenance service to prevent out-of-service

  • Global service application = Quick resolutions

  • Marinsa warranty on all parts and labor

  • Marine liability insurance

A continued & committed focus on uptime

At Marinsa International, we understand what an urgent customer request means. Although we have ensured that there is always a qualified technical engineer onsite with all the tools and parts at hand in case of an emergency, we are mainly focusing on engine failure prevention : Our Marinsa trained experts perform scheduled engine maintenance during the tugs' down time. No lost time.

We are very proud of our track record in the Panama Canal: there has been no internal engine component change so far.

Predictive + Preventative + Partnerships = Equipment Availability 24/7/365

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