Marinsa Caribbean, to distribute GE Jenbacher gas engines in Puerto Rico

An agreement has been concluded with GE Distributed Power appointing Marinsa Caribbean LLC as an authorized distributor for sales and services of GE Jenbacher gas engines.

Marinsa Caribbean LLC, a partnership to better serve Puerto Rico's growing energy needs and network reliability

Marinsa Caribbean, LLC is a joint venture with Overseas Ventures, LLLC and Marinsa International Incorporated. "Overseas Ventures has promoted and represented GE Jenbacher gas engines and services since 2015," said Ulrich Walchli, president of Marinsa International, Inc. "Marinsa International is the GE Marine distributors, that has sold and serviced more GE engines than any other distributor.

Marinsa Caribbean incorporates Overseas Ventures' local knowledge with Marinsa International's service experience. By opening a sales and service hub in Puerto Rico with extensive inventory in San Juan and trained local technical support, we will be able to provide immediate answers".

"Puerto Rico's electricity rates are among the highest in the United States and service is frequently interrupted, these are the biggest economic challenges the island is facing. Recently, hurricanes Irma and Maria have intensified the situation," said Wouter-Jan van der Wurff, general channel manager for GE Distributed Power.

GE Jenbacher gas engine, combined heat and power applications and solutions

GE Jenbacher gas engine technologies and energy efficiency applications help reduce electricity costs, creating greater energy self-efficiency for Puerto Rican businesses while reducing the industrial carbon footprint.

Those engines are used in combined heat and power (CHP) applications and solutions, they provide the on-site generation of electricity that captures heat that would otherwise be wasted to provide useful thermal energy - such as steam or hot water - that can be used for space heating, cooling, hot domestic water and other industrial processes.

"In response to Puerto Rico's energy situation, Marinsa Caribbean is supplying, servicing and maintaining GE's advanced Jenbacher gas engines to provide reliable on-site power to industry, commerce, hospitals and hotels, which is consistent with Federal Public Energy Policy. In addition, the installation of these energy solutions helps create more jobs," Mr. Walchli added.


Marinsa International Inc, 12250 sw 133 Ct Miami fl  33186 

Main Phone. 305-252-0118 Fax. 305-252-2202


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