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KOBELT Electronic Control Systems


• Canada -based company, manufacturers of rugged, reliable controls, steering systems and brakes for the marine and industrial sectors.


• Complete systems, widest variety of products in the industry.


• Marine products & systems certified by most classification societies.



The Mighty Mariner System

•Designed to be a simple system for configuration and price 


•Programmed using dipswitches 


•Limited to 4 control heads / stations 


•Only 1 actuator available 


•Length of cable is limited – 120 ft. (40m) 




Mighty Mariner - Control Heads 


6525 System

Applies to a wide variety of applications 


•Programmed using a laptop 


•Wide variety of control heads, actuators & stations 


•Up to 8 stations 


•Greater cable length options 


•Class approval is more common 



6525 System - Control Heads 

6525 System - Actuators 


6525 System - Processors 



•6525 microprocessor used to manage entire system 


•Multiple outputs 


•6533 Electric Clutch Drive Unit used for electric clutches 


MM / 6525 System – Alarm Panels 

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