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EMD*-compatible engine components

Right parts. Right service. Right away.

Fully Remanufactured Turbochargers to OEM Specifications




Our external clutch for EMD 710

turbochargers, offered as an option

for EMD 645 units, is the strongest

clutch available in the industry.

An exclusive design, our clutch has

the soft engagement of a roller

clutch and eliminates the need to

rebuild an entire turbocharger due

to clutch failure.

Test-Proven Power Assemblies

One-Piece Liners

Our one-piece liner has an external water jacket integral to the liner, removing the possibility of water leaks, while water passages up to twice the size of those in OEM assemblies improve cooling. These structural improvements have resulted in customer-reported reductions in lube oil consumption of up to 20%. Liners are available as hardened, unhardened and chromed.

High-Strength Cylinder Heads

High-strength Class 50 iron alloy, hardened valve

guides and the elimination of core plugs make our cylinder

heads the most durable on the market, delivering

maximum performance and cooling efficiency. Every

head is tested for water integrity and clean passages

and has an ultrasonic controlled fireface thickness.

Long-Life Pistons

Our pistons are alloyed cast iron for high strength, and

our laser-hardened ring lands exhibit superior wear

rates. For easy break-in, we coat pistons with tin or

phosphate lube.

Premium-Quality Gears

Our gears for EMD engines are

precision-ground, never shaven.

Gears are manufactured to meet

AGMA Class 10 standards. Gear

components include new idler gear

stub shafts, counterweights, gear

harmonic dampers, accessory drive

gears and related accessory drive

components, as well as new and

remanufactured turbo spring drive

gears and 710 external clutches.

Durable Rods, Carriers & Pins

We use premium-quality steel and proprietary forging

and hardening processes to produce long-lasting

connecting rods, carriers and piston pins. Every rod

is shot-peened for strength.

Blowers, Ducts & Manifolds


Our roots blowers for EMD engines

have all new critical bearing and sealing

components as well as improved

oil pan gaskets. These features improve

reliability and extend mean

time between overhauls and overall

component life.

Heavy-duty construction, an improved

design and protective surface treatment

make our aftercooler ducts a

reliable and durable replacement for

OEM components. Fully compatible

with the 645 engine, our ducts exhibit

reduced potential for surface cracking

and offer easy fit-up, avoiding turbocharger


Our exhaust manifolds feature an

improved design for greater durability

with chamber mounting holes that

maximize ease of alignment and fit-up

with the EMD 645 crankcase.

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